The pros and cons of sheet vinyl flooring

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Vinyl sheet flooring is used extensively in residential and commercial buildings. Its popularity is attributed to the strength of vinyl and the monolithic appearance of the floor on installation. Be advised of the pros and cons of this sheet vinyl flooring prior to installation.


Size and seamless nature

Vinyl sheet flooring rolls come in widths of 6’ and 9’ and can be perceived as a vinyl carpet. This reduces the number of seams between sheets and small rooms like laundry rooms, pantry, kitchens and toilets may be installed without seams. For wider rooms, a skilled installer can fuse seams between sheets to a level where they are not apparent at first sight. This seamless quality boosts the water resistance and sanitary character of the floor by eliminating grooves which accumulate dust, moisture and germs.


Vinyl sheets have a top layer which resists scratches and the clear vinyl layer is protected against gouging and ripping. Vinyl is a very durable material, resistant to abrasion and impact damage and with very high stain and moisture resistance. The durability and retention of appearance is also related to the thickness and quality of wear layers. Vinyl sheet floors can also be finished recurrently with chemicals and mechanical buffing.

Safety and comfort

Vinyl floors are soft and comfortable. Unlike stone or vitrified tiles, they do not become too cold or create loud noise upon impact. They show good anti-slip performance.

Ease of maintenance

The only maintenance required is sweeping and mopping with a damp cloth. Vinyl floors do not need waxing and polishing. The high moisture and stain resistance of the floor makes it easy to deal with spills. In case of damage, it is possible to have a partial repair and replacement with a matching patch. Vinyl sheets can also be used over existing floors.



Vinyl sheeting does not have the advantage of a handy size and self-adhesive option of flooring tiles. They can be quite heavy and difficult to handle and folding and creasing should be avoided. They require an application of adhesives. Precise sizing of sheets requires using paper templates and the project needs good planning and preparation. To truly gain the potential seamless quality of vinyl sheet floors, it is best to employ skilled professionals.

Wear and tear

Vinyl can be damaged by sharp objects and is also not suited for rooms with too much exposure to sun which causes fading.


Though there is a wide variety available in colours, finishes and simulations, they can appear out-dated as new prints and designs are developed.

Final word

Skilled installation of vinyl sheets in an appropriate setting provides very satisfying results.

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